Space City at Safeer Mall on Dubai – Sharjah Highway is undisputedly the biggest indoor family entertainment center in UAE. Spread over 100,000 sq.ft. Space City reflects a futuristic theme complete with asteroids, meteors, space ships, Galactica Soldiers, the devilish space creatures, and the friendly alien, C2. Featuring 10 mind boggling rides – 

Satellite Coaster, Lunar Express, Orbiter, Space Wheel, Space Flight, Space Train, Swing Ride, Bumper Boat, Bumper Car, and Jumping Star.

Some of which regarded as only-one-of-its-kind in this part of the world and 100 plus thrilling electronic games, all imported from Italy, USA and Japan. 

A dedicated Race Track for remote controlled race machines - 
Tamiya Mini 4WD and Kyosho Mini Z Racer is yet another attraction. A unique Laser Show from Hungary synchronizing smoke, multi-color laser beams, music, fog and lights, and edutainment programs by acclaimed performers make Space City a delightful experience. Have no doubts, it's the height of entertainment.
Major Attractions
Thrill Rides

Recommended for persons four feet and above.
Satellite Coaster

A state-of-the-art Roller Coaster, featuring a rotating carriage system with four-person capacity. This Coaster can reach up to nine meters in height with an approximate 120-meter track. It can accommodate a total of twelve passengers at a time. Until to date, this coaster is the only-one-of-its-kind in the Gulf.
Lunar Express

A unique vertical fast ride with seating capacity of forty-eight. Yet another first' in UAE.

A massive octopus style ride, which can rocket its passengers up twelve feet in height in gravity propelled contra-rotating carriages. The ride can accommodate twenty-four passengers at a time.
Space Flight

Space balloon theme vertical ride highly recommended for the family. This ride can lift its passengers to approximately two feet in inclined vertical movement. Children below three years of age should always be accompanied by an adult.
Space Wheel

A traditional Kiddie Ferris Wheel ride with an open carriage space theme with twenty-person capacity.
Space Train

Interactive train with four carriages of capacity four each.
Space City Locations 

Safeer Mall, Level 3. Dubai-Sharjah Highway
Near Al Khan Interchange. Sharjah, UAE
Tel: +971 6 5313366 Fax: +971 6 5315454